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Coffee Grinding

When you brew coffee, the grind setting is very important for the final result in the cup. If you ask your supplier to grind your coffee or if you order whole beans and grind them yourself at home (which will preserve the flavors and aromas longer) you should know what is the appropriate grinding level for the brewing method you will use.

For high pressure extraction coffee, like espressos, moka pot or brikka we need finer grounds, otherwise the water will pass through the coffee puck too fast and will not make a good extraction. 

On the contrary, for French Press, you will need a coarse grind setting, once the extraction will be made through infusion and you will need large grounds so they don't pass through the metal filter at the equipment and end up in your cup.

Each method has it's best grind settings. below we show different grind settings and the kind of coffee they are supposed to brew better. Here, at Origem, for any coffee you buy you will decide if you will receive whole beans or ground coffee. In the last case you will tell us what method of brewing you intend to do at home and we will grind accordingly.   

These are just examples:

We use this kind of grinding for black coffee (cafe shachor)

We use this kind of grinding for Espresso, Moka Pot (makineta), Brikka or AeroPress.

This grind setting is used for Filter / V60 / Mellita

This grinding is best suited for Chemex and Cold Brew

This grind setting is appropriate for French Press

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