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Moka Pot / Makineta

Moka Pot (makineta) for 2 people
What you need
- Moka Pot (in this case Bialetti 2 cups)
- Kettle
- Digital Scale
- Grinder (if you have whole beans)
- Stove top
- 18g of good coffee

Step 1
Heat up 200ml of water.

Step 2
Pour the hot* water into the bottom chamber of the moka pot until below the pressure valve.

*We recommend using hot water because the coffee will be ready faster and thus the upper chamber will not get as hot. This way the coffee will not burn when start coming out. Another good tip is pouring just a little amount of water inside the upper chamber.

Step 3
Grind 18g of coffee (best) or take the same amount of pre-ground coffee from your bag. The beans should be ground at a medium level.

Step 4
Place the pot’s filter basket into the bottom compartment and fill it with the ground coffee. Give a shake to settle the grounds evenly.

Step 5
Screw the moka pot’s top with the help of a towel or a thermic glove, once the bottom chamber will be hot.

Step 6
Place the pot on a stove top set to medium heat.

Step 7
When the water in the bottom part of the pot approaches to a boil, the pressure will push the coffee slowly through the upper chamber. If it goes up too fast your water is too hot, if it doesn’t make to the top after a few minutes, turn up the fire. You know when it’s done when you hear a hissing, bubbling sound.

What you get
The Moka Pot or makineta as it is known in Israel is very popular here. Israelis tend to like strong, dense, espresso like drink. And this is exactly what this Italian made equipment makes. You can expect a heavy bodied and concentrated coffee, just as the Italians and Israelis love.






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