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Chemex for 3 people


What you need

- Chemex carafe

- Chemex Filter

- Kettle

- Digital Scale

- Timer

- Grinder (if you have whole beans)

- 45g of good coffee


Step 1

Boil 800ml of water

Step 2

Unfold the filter and place it in your Chemex. Ensure that the triple-fold part is facing the pour spout.


Step 3
Fully saturate the filter with the hot water. This will clean the filter thoroughly and pre heat the vessel. Discard this water through the spout.


Step 4

Grind 45g of coffee (best) or take the same amount of pre-ground coffee from your bag. The beans should be ground at a medium-coarse level, slightly coarser than sea salt.


Step 5

Add the ground coffee to the filter and put the Chemex on a digital scale. Set the scale to zero.

Step 6

You will pour a total of 700g of water around at around 95 degrees Celsius in four stages. Start the timer. The first one will be of around 100g and you will notice the coffee blooming (the coffee bed grows while it releases CO2). Mix the water and grounds and let the coffee release the gases for 40 seconds.

Step 7

Pour the water again in a constant spiral stream, until the total weight of water reaches 300g. allow 30 more seconds to elapse. Pour a third and a fourth time, each one 200g, with a 30 seconds interval between them. Give a final swirl with a spoon.


Step 8

Wait until all the water drips, which should take a total of 4 to 5 minutes.

What you get

Chemex has its major difference from other filter methods because of its thick and heavy filter which absorbs most of the solids and oils. It is a great choice for those who are looking for a bright and clear cup, kind of the opposite of the French Press which gives a heavy bodied and dense coffee. From another point of view, the water flows in a slower pace than through the regular paper filters, this way the grounds stay more time in contact with the water resulting in a more developed extraction.






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