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Cappuccino for 1 person
What you need
- Moka Pot (Makineta) or Brikka
- Kettle
- Digital Scale
- Grinder (if you have whole beans)
- Stove top
- 17g of good coffee
- Small pan
- 150ml of Milk
- Small French Press
- Milk Jug

Step 1
Follow all the steps to make a espresso with the Moka Pot or Brikka. 

Step 2
Warm the milk in the pan

Step 3
Pour the milk into the French Press

Step 4
Use the French Press as a pump, pressing and releasing the filter. This will produce micro foam in the milk which will become creamy.

Step 5
Pour the creamy milk into the jug

Step 6
Pour the coffee preferably in a wide cup and pour the milk over the coffee. 

What you get
One of the best combinations ever made by mankind, the cappuccino is also one of the best Italian invention. The union of a strong and somewhat bitter drink with the sweet and creamy milk. The flavor and the texture are simply magnificent. Of Course it takes a little effort to pass by the learning curve needed to correctly froth and pour the milk over the coffee, but once you menage to do that you can call yourself a barista and have a great beverage at your own place.

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