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Our Story

From Brazil to Israel through Coffee

We moved to Israel from Brazil in 2016. It was a huge step in our lives. We always thought about living in Israel but having a family and a business back there made it hard to do it.

Everything changed in 2014. Our daughter was living in Israel for one year in a Jewish youth program and we came to visit her. We found out that our connection to this country was even greater than we thought and we started thinking seriously about coming.One year later my daughter decided to live in Israel and following her steps, we also made the same decision. The only question was what to do for a living here.

Despite our Civil Engineer background, we had been working with coffee for the previous 10 years. We started with a small coffee shop in 2006 and we grew it into 10 shops in a few years. We used to go to farms around Brazil and search for the best coffee beans. We were lucky to make excellent partnerships with great farmers who sent their coffee to our roastery. We were roasting and selling high quality coffee throughout Brazil.

Once coffee was a passion, more than just a work for us, we thought that it could be our bridge from Brazil to Israel. We came back to Israel a few times to study the coffee market. The result was very exciting. Israelis really “love” coffee and going to coffee shops is a national habit. But there were no shortage of coffee shops here. Would we have something differentiated to offer? Gladly, in our opinion, the answer was yes.We returned to Brazil excited and decided to sell our business. It was sad to leave so many customers, workers, suppliers, friends and, above all, our family, but we were so sure of what we wanted that everything happened smoothly.

In November 2016 we landed here and became Israelis. Our Hebrew was (and still is) not so good. We are still trying to improve it but, for now, we are getting by with our English.

After six months in Israel we found our location at Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv. The shop used to be a women’s fashion store, so it had to be completely renovated for a coffee shop.In May 28, 2017 Origem was open. It is a cosy and informal coffee shop where we roasted our own coffee and served it fresh as espressos, cappuccinos, cold coffee, chemex, french press and so on. The customers could choose among our variety of blends and single origins. We also served two famous brazilian treats: pão de queijo and brigadeiro.After 6 years we are very glad of what we have achieved so far. We have many regular customers that make our days happier and receive always new customers bringing us new stories and life perspectives.  

After a while we noticed that many of our customers were taking our beans home. Also, some of our old customers, who were not living nearby anymore, came every one or two weeks, just to take coffee beans home. So we decided to make it possible to buy our coffee online. 

Of course, we would prefer that you come and visit us, but we understand this is not always possible, so in these cases, we will go to you!  

In 2023 we decided to expand and open a new place just to roast our coffee. We invested in a bigger roaster and started importing coffees directly from Brazil from the same farmers we had build strong relationship in our previous country. We also buy coffee from all over the world like Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya so we can offer a variety of flavors and experiences to our customers.





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