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AeroPress for 1 person

What you need
- AeroPress
- AeroPress Filter, Funnel and Stirrer
- Kettle
- Digital Scale
- Timer
- Coffee Cup, Mug or Server
- Grinder (if you have whole beans)
- 15g of good coffee 

Step 1

Boil 200ml of water

Step 2
Insert the paper filter into the plastic cap. With the kettle, pre-wet the paper filter and the cap.

Step 3
Grind 15g of coffee (best) or take the same amount of pre-ground coffee from your bag. The beans should be ground at a medium-fine level, a little finer than sea salt.

Step 4
Assemble your AeroPress. We suggest you use the inverted way (the numbers will appear upside down), and the cap will be put afterwards. Put all the set over the digital scale.

Step 5
Add ground coffee with the help of the funnel not to spill any grounds into the ring gutter at the top of the AeroPress. Add 50g of hot water, stir it gentle to wet all the grounds and let it sit for 30 seconds. Complete the chamber with hot water. Wait another 1 minute and stir again 3 times.

Step 6
Close the AeroPress with the cap tightly. Flip the whole assembly over and position it on top of the server, cup or mug.

Step 7
Slowly and using two hands, press the plunger downwards. Your coffee will be fully brewed when you hear a hissing sound.

Step 8
One interesting thing about the AeroPress is how easy it is to clean. Once you unscrew the cap, you can pop out the filter and the coffee puck by simply pushing the plunger a little more.

What you get
The coffee made with AeroPress is unique. It mixes infusion and pressure, but it’s not like a espresso or a French Press. It’s a super easy equipment to take in trips. It’s light weight and as I said before, super easy to clean.



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