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From La Concordia region in Mexico’s southernmost state of Chiapas comes one of its best coffee where the small farmers take an artisan approach to their production. 

La Concordia region is renowned for producing excellent coffee due to various factors such as the climate, altitude, soils, and of course the people who, through effort and care, are able to produce the real “Oro Verde” (green gold in spanish).

We found in this coffee an excellent opportunity to please our customers who search for a strong coffee with no acidity and great taste, with dark chocolate, toffee and nutty notes. The kind of coffee that takes you from letargy to full speed in just a few minutes. 

In order to achieve this goal we roasted it darker than our usual set of profiles. The result is fantastic, that is, if you are the kind of drinker who appreciate the bitter side of the beverage. Perfect for moka pot (makineta), espresso and cafe shachor (the popular israeli black coffee). 

  • Strong and bitter dark roasted coffee
  • No acidity and light body 
  • Perfect for moka pot (makineta), espresso and cafe shachor (the popular israeli black coffee)
  • Dark chocolate, toffee and nutty notes 




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