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Colombia Bomba de Fruta

Product image 1Colombia Bomba de Fruta
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Fruit Pump!

The name perfectly describes this coffee. 

This very distinctive coffee is loaded with red fruits, pinapple and chocolate. Super juicy and intense. A very complex and clean natural coffee.

If you are an old school coffee drinker, this might not be the coffee for you. But if you love to navigate towards new and vibrant experiences, this will probably be one of the best coffees you will have ever tasted in your life.

Try it as a filter, french press or cold brew.  It can also make a great espresso, but be prepared for the fruit explosion! =)

Produced in the municipality of El Pital in the department (state) of Huila, this Caturra variety coffee grows at 1,800 meters above sea level on the Colombian mountains. The family who owns this small farm decided to produce natural coffee which is usually hard to do in Colombia due to the climate. The result paid off! 

  • Features funky fruit taste of pinapple, watermelon and red fruits
  • Delicious round acidity  
  • Juicy, complex and clean natural coffee
  • Ideal for filter, french press and cold brew. Makes also amazing espresso.





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