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Surprisingly floral and sweet, with notes of tart-like rhubarb and hibiscus, this exotic coffee from Rwanda’s Mahembe Mill offers a refreshing and unique spin on your typical morning cup of coffee.

In fact, part of the reason this coffee is so unique is due to its exclusively use of peaberries. Almost always the coffee fruits have two seeds (which we usually call beans). The relatively rare peaberries are the small seeds that develop abnormally because of the absence of their counterparts. Offering flavors all their own, these peaberries help add to the undeniable allure of this coffee and simultaneously cement it as a truly rare find.

Ideal for those who enjoy a strong coffee with unique flavoring, you simply can’t go wrong with this distinctive coffee that creates a tasting experience.


  • Features notes of raisins, hibiscus, sweet stone fruits and rhubarb
  • Floral jasmine aroma perfectly complements a persistent aftertaste
  • Medium bodied with low acidity
  • Peaberry creates unique, one-of-a-kind flavoring




30 NIS

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