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Malawi Mzuzu

Product image 1Malawi Mzuzu
Product image 2Malawi Mzuzu
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Coming from the north of a small strip of beautiful land between Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia, this coffee is grown on the mountains of Mzuzu, overlooking the huge lake Malawi, just across the Tanzania border.

This was the first time we have tasted Malawian coffee at Origem and we were amazed how it presents all the complexity of an excellent African coffee with delicate notes of maple, vanilla, brown sugar and raisins.

We roast it light to keep all the delicate flavors. If you like filter coffee you will savor until the last drop as it comes round and smooth. On the other hand, you can also have it as espresso, and this will bring up the elegant acidity and sweetness of this coffee.

Definitely, a great pick!


  • Light roast with notes of maple and raisins
  • balanced acidity with high sweetness
  • Ideal for paper filter or french press preparation
  • Full bodied and excellent, persistent aftertaste




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