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The Coffee Journey: Building Beautiful Relationships - Origem Specialty Coffee

The Coffee Journey: Building Beautiful Relationships

At the heart of our coffee venture lies a remarkable truth: the most beautiful thing about working with coffee is the relationships we forge along the way.

The coffee chain is an intricate web that connects farmers, traders, logistic experts, roasters, baristas, and, of course, our beloved customers. 


Throughout our 20-year journey in the coffee industry, we've had the privilege of meeting countless individuals who make this industry thrive. In Brazil, we were intimately acquainted with farmers, roasters, baristas, and customers alike. We'd embark on spontaneous road trips, traversing many kilometers to visit coffee plantations, converse with passionate workers, and learn from the expertise of farm owners. It was an experience like no other. 


However, when we made Aliah in 2016 to start a new chapter in our lives and open our café, we faced unique challenges. Our first goal was to bring the coffees of our cherished friends to Israel, our new home. We soon discovered that it wouldn't be an easy task, as we couldn't fill an entire container or navigate the complex logistics typically associated with commercial coffee. Many discouraged us, but we remained undeterred. Fortunately, we were blessed to find exceptional and trustworthy partners in Israel who provided us with remarkable coffee during this time. 


Nevertheless, our desire to bring those specific coffees from the farmers we admired so much in Brazil never waned. With determination, we embarked on a trip back to Brazil last November. Our mission? To establish our first-ever direct trade import with the farmers we hold in high regard. These exceptional coffees hailed from regions not widely known in Israel, as they produced limited quantities of beans, primarily supplying a handful of importers through auctions to the United States, Korea, Japan, and Australia. 


To our immense pride, these coffees had garnered numerous accolades in specialty coffee contests in Brazil, including the esteemed Cup of Excellence. It was solely through our cherished friendships that we could bring these extraordinary coffees to Israel for the very first time. 


In the coming days, we'll share with you the captivating stories of each of these farmers, recounting how our paths crossed over the years and explaining why they hold such a special place in our hearts. Get ready to embark on a journey through their passion and dedication. 


We're thrilled to announce that we'll be launching these extraordinary coffees at our shop and on our website, offering you the opportunity to savor a new distinctive flavors of Brazilian coffee. Get ready for a truly unique experience! 


Here's a curious coincidence: as we embark on this remarkable venture, Origem is also celebrating its 6th anniversary today! Some things are truly worth the wait. 🥳 Raise your cups and let's toast to the beautiful connections we make through the world of coffee. Cheers! 🎉☕🌟


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